Vacuum Forming

Protech Model started with Vacuum Forming production in 1999. Since then we have learnt more than imaginable and we consider ourselves to be the best in the market.

At Protech Model we have 4 top class Vacuum tables. The different sizes of parts we can pull range from 250mm x 250mm all the way up to our largest vacuum former which has a size of 3000mm x 2000mm.

We have mastered, just about, all Material types and can cater for a almost any application. Material types we most commonly work with include : A.B.S, UHI, PETG, Acrylics, PVC, PP (polypropelyne), Polyethelene, and PST.

The process to get to Vacuum forming a part happens when a customer comes to us with just an idea. The idea gets put into picture by Designing the product with our Software Programs. Once the Idea has been taken and made into picture, a mould needs to be made. That means sending it to the CNC department. Once the mould has been made, it is still not complete. It then gets sent to the Mould Development department, where it goes through the final steps. After a mould has been made, all the necessary steps have been taken to start pulling the parts which, in the beginning, where just an idea.