CNC Machining

Protech Model might have some of the most talented mould builders in the industry, but it got to a point where we were unable to keep up with the demand. That is why, in 2008, Protech Model took purchase of the HAAS SR100 CNC machine and since its first arrival, it hasn’t stopped working.

The CNC machine gets used for, not only, making of moulds, but also for trimming of Vacuum Formed parts and general cutting of Plastic parts that are either in mass amounts or just parts that need to be cut to exact sizes. A lot of these tasks can be taken care of by the 6-Axis Robot, but often both the CNC machine and the Robot are running at full steam at the same time.

Our CNC machine had one main reason for its Purchase, and that was to build moulds. The mould gets designed and then uploaded onto the CNC machine where it then starts its cutting of the mould. There are about 15 years of development in the mould creation process at Protech Model, and those skills still need to be used in the CNC machining process.